Keeping your apartment warm and cozy in winter can be tricky, especially for apartment dwellers who generally have limited options when it comes to altering a unit. But, there are still some things renters can do to stay toasty without turning up the heat. You might also save a little money on your next heating bill, too. Here are four ways to help keep warm in your apartment this winter.

1. Layer Up

Instead of putting on one heavy sweater, consider covering your head and feet to help keep warm in your rental home, says Apartment Therapy. Wearing a hat, hood, socks or slippers can help prevent heat from escaping your body so you feel warmer. Another bonus, wearing socks or slippers can also help insulate your feet if you’re walking on chilly floors.

Apply this same principle to your bedding. Layering your sheets and blankets can help trap warm air, according to Apartment Therapy. Start with a fitted flannel sheet, and add one or two light blankets and a comforter. Remember, you can easily peel off layers during the night if you get too hot.

2. Cover Your Walls and Floors

Hanging up wall tapestries in your apartment can be another way to help insulate and keep heat inside your home, says The Spruce. If you prefer not to buy new tapestries, you can also hang quilts, blankets or whatever you have around the apartment for a quick fix.

If you have hardwood or tile floors in your rental, consider getting some area rugs to help provide a little more insulation from cold floors, adds The Spruce. If you don’t want to purchase new rugs, consider using towels or blankets instead.

3. Use a Rubber Water Bottle in Bed

Heat up your bed before getting in by using an old-fashioned hot water bottle, says Apartment Therapy. It can warm up the bed quickly and is easy to use. Start by filling the rubber water bottle with warm tap water and put it at the foot of your bed a few minutes before getting in, says Remember, make sure to close the bottle’s lid tightly so you don’t end up with damp sheets.

4. Reverse Your Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans are not just for summer use. They can help you stay warm in the winter as well, according to Most ceiling fans have a switch that allows you to reverse the rotation in the opposite direction. Switching over from counterclockwise to clockwise in the winter helps create an updraft and pushes the warm air that’s generally up near the ceiling back down into a room, adds Run the fan at a low speed to help keep the warm air circulating throughout a room.

With these small adjustments, you’ll have a little more warmth in your home without cranking up the thermostat.

Written By: Bernie Carr – Apartment Prepper