Ooltewah House for sale

Do you have a competitive nature? Do you always have to have the last say? Do you always feel you have to win? If you have a Ooltewah house for sale, you may have “competed” yourself right out of a buyer. Please, read on to find out how NOT to make this mistake.

Who Calls the Shots?

You’ve probably heard “it’s a buyer’s market” many, many times already. With the number of people who have a home for sale in Ooltewah, this is something you can’t afford to ignore. This is especially true considering that the longer your house sits on the market the more it depreciates.

A competitive nature is all well and good, but, when dealing with potential buyers, you have to rein it in. Winning, in this case, is not getting the last word, but selling your home. As you enter into negotiations, keep in mind that the end goal is to sell.

Buyers know they have the market. While this doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll try to walk all over you, it does mean that they may try to negotiate:

  • On price
  • On closing date
  • The length of inspection period
  • Who pays closing costs
  • On anything

Now, just because they’re trying to negotiate doesn’t mean they aren’t qualified buyers. You may have a very qualified potential buyer trying to negotiate with you.


At this point, your competitive nature may try to rise up and crush the negotiating potential buyer. Restrain yourself – strenuously if you have to.

While dealing with offers, counter offers and counter-counter offers, ask yourself if you’re being competitive, silly or surprisingly realistic. Are you turning down their offer because it isn’t an exact fit for you? Do you have a legitimate reason for the counter offer, or are you trying to “one-up?” Will a requested change really make that much difference to you?

Although I’m not suggesting that you take the first offer that comes along without looking at it, or that you take an offer that is less than you can afford to take, I am suggesting that you remember there are plenty of people with a Ooltewah house for sale. As you look at the offers, keep this in mind. Shut down that competitive nature and remember that the only way you really win is when you sign the papers and hand over the keys.

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