Alison Songer Headshot

Alison Songer - Client Coordinator

Alison came to us from an 8-year stint in owning her own retail venture, 6-years managing her husband’s dental practice and 6 years as a stay-home parent to her son. 

She is an Atlanta, GA native that moved to North Chattanooga in 2006 with her husband, Mark, and son, Nate. She is “artsy” and super easy to talk to. Alison is known for her outgoing nature and friendly smile. 

She joins us as a client care coordinator because she knows first hand the importance of caring for those who support your business and feed your family. 

Little more things about Alison

Favorite things:

“I love a good adventure, especially with my family and friends. I especially love good company and great memories paired with some good laughs.”


Newest adventure:

“My newest hobby is Fly Fishing. My son gave me a Fly Rod for Mother’s Day last year, so I could have something to do with the guys, since I am usually the shuttle. I am so thankful for this gift. It is a love for the outdoors that takes you to beautiful, peaceful places. An instructor once told me “you will not Fly Fish in ugly settings,” and so far the statement has been true.”


Why real estate:

“I’ve dabbled in flipping and staging of homes with both family and friends. My husband’s family and I have built several homes, as well. My art background provides them with a design aesthetic the guys just don’t have. However, my years serving my husband’s dental clients and my retail clients have given me a clear and unique view into the importance of client relationships. It just seemed a natural fit when the opportunity presented itself.”

Check out Alison’s awesome design work