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You worked hard for your home. You deserve an experienced marketing team to help you get the most return on your investment. In fact, selling a home for the most money is all about the marketing approach. Below you will find our marketing approach and our philosophy on how we will sell your home.

We will make your home stand out!

Marketing your home will require your assistance in three key areas before your home is actively marketed to the public: prep, price, and position. To get these correct you will need to clarify your motivations and your basic time frame for selling.

For now, we will give you a small glimpse of our marketing services. To learn more about how we go farther and push harder to sell your home request a call to schedule an appointment.

How do we do it

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Interview at least three FULL TIME REALTORS before you sign a contract.

Do not hire a part-time agent.

Ask how many homes they have listed and sold and over how many years.

Have them show you that they know your specific area. Ask probing questions to confirm.

Ask if they know what buyers are currently looking for in homes like yours.

See if they can identify any “objections” buyers may have to your home that you will need to overcome.

Have them show you the research behind their marketing approach. Ask for the year and source of the research.

Ask if they do anything beyond entering your home on the MLS that feeds the online portals. Get specifics. Ask for examples, because your digital presence is priority #1.

Where buyers found the home they purchased, by use of internet
value of website features
National Association of Realtors

Here is a Home Improvement Guide to help you get your home ready for the market. To set up a meeting or to ask questions contact us here.