Raising kids on Signal Mountain

Signal Mountain Tennessee was named the best place in Tennessee to raise kids in 2013 by Bloomberg Businessweek. This extensive list looks at lots of factors and determines the best cities in each state to raise kids in. It looks at school report cards, cost of living, population, and more. Signal is a wonderful place to raise kids and if you are thinking of moving to the area call me. I have raised two of my own kids on signal and it is a great place to live. With all of trails, parks and outdoor activities there is always something to do. Over the years Signal Mountain and the Chattanooga area have made more and more national lists of why to live in this beautiful area. Signal is located only 20 minutes from Downtown Chattanooga so you are not to removed from the downtown entertainment but just far enough to get away from the noise and traffic. To find out for yourself why Signal is so good Contact Us and we can send you more informations.