What is a Buyer Representation Agreement?

This is an agreement we sign when we have decided to work together toward the common goal of finding you a home or investment property. This allows me to work with a limited number of preferred clients and provide you the ultimate level of service.

Making a purchase for a home in Chattanooga is one of the biggest investments that you will make, whether it is a home, condo, luxury estate, or vacation rental property.

When searching for a Chattanooga property listed by a real estate company, at some point during your search, you will need to find someone to represent your best interests and assist you with the purchase. The Buyers Representation Agreement is the contract between you and your Realtor.

It is important to understand two topics: Real Estate Agency and the benefits of engaging a real estate professional in a Buyer Representation Agreement discussed below…

Your Interests are Professionally Represented

• A Buyer Representation Agreement allows you to hire a Realtor who, by law, must exclusively represent your best interests at all times.  Your agent  gets paid once you purchase the property. This commission is usually due from the Listing Broker and is a part of the Listing Agreement they have with the Seller.

• The agent will guide you through the entire real estate process.

• A contract offer will be written to purchase a property, that protects your interests.

• Help you to negotiate the best deal for the property.

Consulting Skills and Personal Service

• A Buyer\’s Agent will go over your wish list, and determine the best properties to show you.  They will listen to your feedback and concerns about each home.

• Comparable sales of homes will be provided for properties within the area to help you determine the best price to offer.