Why should you have a Pre-Listing Inspection

Typically, the home inspection occurs after you have a contract on your home. It will uncover any problems with the home, whether large or small. Most buyers will use issues found on a home inspection to renegotiate the price of the home, ask for you to make repairs or they may even walk away. At […]

Signal Mountain Radon Test

Signal Mountain Radon If you are looking at purchasing a home on Signal Mountain, Tennessee then you may want to have a home inspection done. I would recommend to have a Signal Mountain radon test done as well. Some people opt to have a Radon test done while they are doing the home inspection. The […]

How To Handle A Chattanooga Home Inspection

Finally. You got pre-approved. You found the perfect home in the perfect neighborhood. You made it through the negotiations. And now it’s time for your Chattanooga home inspection. This is the point where a lot of home buyers get nervous. And rightfully so. There are potentially a multitude of things that can be wrong with […]