Since 2011 Outdoor Magazine has but Chattanooga in their bracket competition. For the second time Chattanooga has come out on top of the votes and is the only town to have won this award twice. Is Chattanooga is the best town ever? We think that it is and I feel with the number of people moving here every year I\’m not the only one that feels that way.  The contest started with 64 cities, 60 of them selected by the magazine’s editors and four of them selected by online voters through an Instagram contest — Port Angeles among them, with just under 20,000 residents. Chattanooga, in comparison, has 170,000. If you are interested in moving to the Chattanooga area and want to know why it is the best then give me a call or Click Here and we can show you why you will love to live here.

(1) Chattanooga, TN, defeats (16) Port Angeles, WA, with 52.05% of the vote: 67,432 to 62,130