People ask me all the time, how do we stop new Chattanooga development? Most of the time they are not asking how do we stop all new homes from going up but just the larger developments. Usually by the time the average consumer finds out about a new subdivision it has already been in the works for months and sometimes years. I have helped a number of Builders/Developers with subdivision projects over the years. The time and money that goes into the due diligence part of a Chattanooga development can be mind boggling.

How the Process Works

Before a Chattanooga Developer will buy a piece of property they will have someone like Coop or MAP engineering do the engineering work on them. This will tell them what their yield will be, how many new homes they can get on the land. It will show them where any ponds need to be located and the amount and length of any roads. Most of the infrastructure is determined by Hamilton County. They tell you the material to be used in the roads, width of the roads, storm water plan, and more.

Chattanooga/ Hamilton County RPA

The Chattanooga/Hamilton County Regional Planning Agency is the agency that gives approval or denial to Chattanooga developers on their projects. There are typically two readings for a new subdivision to get approval. There are a number of meetings with everyone from the Hamilton County Engineers to the Fire Marshall so that everyone that is involved in the planning process has an opportunity to approve each section of a development. When going for Hamilton County approval there are dozens to hundreds of moving parts to starting a new subdivision. Sometimes if one person makes a recommendation to change something on their piece it will change something for someone else. The engineers that are working for the Chattanooga Developer have to make the required changes and then send an updated plat and plan back.

Neighbors and community members complain that the RPA meetings to give approval or to make recommendations are held during the day so it is hard for them to go and voice their concerns about a new Chattanooga development. What most people do not understand is that by this point they are trying to put the horse back in the barn. Unless they can show eminent danger to someone by RPA approving the neighborhood it is hard to stop it. Where neighbors and community members need to get involved is early on. You need to get involved with your county government and town planning committee now. You need to be involved now to have a say in the design of the project three years from now.

Property Rights Vs. Community Desire

I am a staunch advocate for an individuals property rights to do what is legal with their land. If I own a piece of land and a builder wants to buy it. land owner should be allowed to sell it. They should be allowed to develop it. As long as they get approval and follow the rules set in place there should be no-one that should be able to say they can\’t just because they don\’t want it to happen.

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