Just because you live in the city doesn’t mean you can’t have a great garden that not only provides hours of pleasure, but good food for you and your family. With the current desire to get healthy, growing your own fresh vegetables and fruits only makes good sense. You can grow a nice vegetable garden in a very small space right in your Chattanooga home backyard (or front yard, and even condo patio) if you know how to manage your space well you can have a great Chattanooga garden.

Plan Your Space

If you have a huge yard and lots of space, you can experiment with various plants, varieties and tastes. However, if you are limited to a small Chattanooga home yard or condo terrace it is vital to choose wisely. Select plants that do not take a lot of space, and those that produce vegetables you know you and your family will enjoy.

If no one in your family likes tomatoes, even though they are easy to grow and can take up a relatively small space in many cases, it doesn’t make much sense to grow them. However, even if your family loves zucchini and even though they are easy to grow, if you don’t have a decent sized plot they don’t make much sense unless that’s all you want to grow.

Map out your area, and study how much room each plant you choose will take and mark where it will go. Remember to use its mature size as a guide, not those cute little leafy plantlings you see in the garden store. Those little one inch watermelon plants will branch out up to six feet in any directions and devour all of your space.

Plant a Victory Garden

The best choices for a small Chattanooga home backyard or patiocontainer garden are typical ‘victory garden’ choices. Victory gardens were common during World War I when supplies were hard to come by and people began growing salad mixings in their backyards. These gardens typically contained tomatoes, lettuce, radishes, onions, and potatoes.

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