I was lucky enough last night to be able to do the Chattanooga Police Department Ride Along. Let me first take a minute to thank all of the officers of the Chattanooga Police Department for all they do. I would like to especially thank those that patrol the Baker sector for putting up with me last night. It was a fairly slow night in Baker north which is the area from E. 3rd St. over to Dods Avenue give or take. Below is a map of Baker North and South.Here is the link to the map.


I rode with Officer White starting at 3 PM to 1 AM the following morning during her entire shift. Over and over throughout the night I saw her and her fellow officers trying to  keep people safe and report to calls all while trying to develop a relationship with the people that live in their patrol area. Throughout the night I saw those same people cussing and harassing them for doing their jobs. One of the major reasons that I wanted to do this CPD Ride Along is so that I would have a first-hand knowledge of what these officers go through on a daily basis. I understand that this is a snapshot in time and not all nights are the same. This is one of the reasons why most of the officers that I met last night like their jobs. They truly feel that it is an honor to serve the people of Chattanooga.

I witnessed time and time again when Officer White could have taken them for a ride to the Hamilton County jail. Instead of taking someone to jail for a minor incident she worked with them and other members of the Chattanooga community that were on scene to come to a mutually satisfying outcome. Even while her and her fellow officers were trying to keep the peace and keep someone from going to jail people were still screaming and cursing at them.

How to do a Chattanooga Police Ride Along

If you are interested in doing a ride along for yourself then Click Here to fill out the request. To follow more of our adventures around Chattanooga follow us here.