If you are looking for properties in the Chattanooga area, you\’ll find yourself spoiled for choice. Chattanooga real estate sprawls across the state line, providing residents with a wide variety of lifestyle options among varied landscapes. Suburbs offer upmarket living or down-home style while the city bustles with activities and attractions.

Take a look at these top suburbs sprinkled with a few hidden gems to help you make up your mind.

1. Signal Mountain

This town is where the well-heeled hang out in Chattanooga. Low employment rates and high earnings mean life is good in this upmarket suburb.

There\’s a high demand for housing in this area and house prices average over $300,000 each.

Those who are lucky enough to secure property in Signal Mountain are in for a treat. Real Estate firms rated this suburb as the best place to live in Tennessee during 2013, and it still has a lot to offer residents.

This scenic area has plenty to offer nature lovers in the form of hikes and picnic spots along the Cumberland Trail and at Mabbitt Springs. Signal Point has stunning views of the river and surroundings.

The local playhouse has regular shows including outdoor music festivals, and the Mountain Opry hosts a bluegrass music show every Friday evening.

The Farmer\’s Market is a great place to mingle with your neighbors and pick up some great fresh produce on Thursdays. This suburb forms a close-knit community with a high focus on family life and school activities.

Quiet lanes, wide sidewalks, and abundant trees make this suburb a win for those seeking a quiet retreat after a busy day at the office.

Many of the Chattanooga homes for sale in Signal Mountain are large Tuscan-styled dwellings with ample, manicured gardens.

Except for the unique spaceship house tucked away in the woods, that is. You can visit this far-out attraction on guided tours or book it as a short-stay rental while you\’re scoping out the area.

Find out more about Signal Mountain.

2. Collegedale

This gorgeous little suburb is a haven of green set among two mountains. Nature activities are the order of the day in this quiet area.

Although the schools are average at best, it\’s still a popular destination for families looking for a serene, safe atmosphere. Collegedale has one of the lowest crime rates around.

Another attraction for younger residents is the Imagination Station with its innovative playgrounds.

Nightlife and sports are within easy reach, as is the university. There\’s no shortage of eateries dishing up pizzas and burgers. A Peruvian restaurant offers tasty treats for those in search of something different.

Ooltewah is an enclave in Collegedale with a unique character and upmarket feel. You\’ll find gorgeous riverfront properties as well as new developments that you can put your own stamp on in this lovely suburban area.

3. East Ridge

On the border with Georgia, East Ridge boasts a low cost of living and a median house price of $135,000.

The Elise Chapin Sanctuary at Audubon Acres butts up against the boundaries of this suburb. It\’s a haven of lush greenery for small animals and suburban dwellers looking for a place to put their feet up close to home.

Further attractions include picnic areas, 4 miles of hiking trails, flat water paddling, and nature-based summer camps for children. The Camp Jordan Sports Complex features a baseball field, soccer and football fields, basketball courts, and a disc golf course.

Apart from sports, Camp Jordan has playgrounds, a catch and release fishing pond, picnic pavilions, walking and jogging tracks, and a large exhibition center.

This center hosts several events every year, including the circus, gun shows, the Hamilton County Master Garden Show, school fairs, and car shows.

Across the South Chickamauga Creek, the Concord and Brown Acres Golf facilities are pleasant places to swing a club.

Learn more about buying and selling property in Ooltewah here.

4. Fort Oglethorpe

The boundaries of Fort Oglethorpe stretch out like haphazard spider\’s legs on the Georgia side of Chattanooga.

Part of Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park falls within these confines. The scenery is exquisite, and the information provided about the battles of Chattanooga is enthralling. You can lose yourself for days in this pristine collection of forests, hills, and open fields.

Biking trails, horseback riding, self-guided walks, and paddling in the West Chickamauga Creek are all options here. Pack a picnic or just spend some time admiring the natural scenery and river views. There are plenty of options for relaxation and reflection amid these 10,000 acres.

On the verge of this historic place, close to the creek lies Shoreline Terrace, where you\’ll find some of the most exquisite homes for sale in Chattanooga. They\’re a little above the $129,000 median house price, but the excellent location and modern finishes make up for that.

5. Chickamauga

The other half of the National Military Park falls in the domain of Chickamauga. This small up-and-coming suburb has a wide variety of Chattanooga homes for sale across a broad range of prices.

Apart from the Military Park, you\’ll find several unique attractions in this neck of the woods too. Some of these include historic sites like:

The old-world ambiance stretches into downtown where you\’ll find brownstone buildings housing smokehouses, grills, and an excellent traditional Mexican eatery.

6. Jasper

Jasper is a sparsely populated suburb centered around a small industrial area on the edge of the city. The surrounding mountains and highlands of Jasper offer large plots for those seeking a slower-paced lifestyle.

Activities in the area include skydiving, water sports at Nickajack Dam and wine tastings at the Lookout Winery. Marion County Park is perfect for a spot of fishing. Jasper\’s Marion County Fair Grounds are the scene of an annual traditional agricultural fair with beauty pageants, 4-H events, carnival rides, motorcycle displays, and great farm-style food.

The new development at Cloudland station offers a range of upmarket houses for sale in Chattanooga and is set to make Jasper one of the most sought-after places to live in the area. This exciting cloister includes 450 acres of meadowland dotted with turn-of-the-century-themed houses. It\’s a return to simpler, more peaceful times.


7. Red Bank

This small suburban area is just 4 miles from the city center, close to Signal Mountain. Average house prices are affordable, the cost of living is reasonable and there are good schools in the area.

You\’ll have easy access to all the downtown fun when you make your home in Red Bank.

Stringer\’s Ridge Park has amazing hiking trails and a sterling view of the Tennessee River. Renaissance Park is a scenic place to lay out your picnic blanket among the sculptures.

The Lookout Mountain Incline Railway, famed for being the steepest in the world, is only 20 minutes away. At this scenic location, you can hike up to the viewpoint at Rock City which overlooks 7 states at once.

These aspects make Red Bank a desirable choice for first-time homeowners.

8. Ringgold

Ringgold is one of Chattanooga\’s fastest growing suburbs. It\’s located on the Georgia side of town close to Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park.

Ringgold takes its name from Major Samuel Ringgold, who perished in action during the Mexican War. The area is the scene of several historic sites.

Some of the ancient treasures you\’ll find here include:

The Houston Valley OHV Area offers opportunities to indulge your off-road tendencies. Lake Winnie Amusement Park, with its slides and rides, is only a 15-minute drive away. Georgia Winery offers a taste of the fruits of the vine in an idyllic setting.

Down-home Christmas celebrations in Ringgold include a parade and accompanying festivities through the brightly-lit streets. The 1890\’s Days Jamboree is a two-day festival of fun that takes place over Memorial Day weekend.

Community events like the above, an average housing cost of $175,000, and a serene environment are what\’s drawing the crowds to Ringgold of late. Prices won\’t stay this low for long as Ringgold continues to grow in popularity.

9. Soddy-Daisy

Soddy-Daisy is one of Ringgold\’s more expensive suburbs, with an above average cost of living and median house price of $221,774. You can still pick up a bargain in this excellent area if you shop wisely and build up from there.

The schools are among the most desirable in the area and Soddy-Daisy offers the best of both rural and urban life. The city is close by for work and play, while parks and waterways are ideal for downtime. Foremost among these is the Big Soddy Creek Gulf with its 285 acres of wilderness.

There\’s always some or other social event on the go in this close-knit community. The Kids and Veterans Parks offer age-appropriate activities for those closest to your heart. Find out more about real estate in Soddy-Daisy.


10. Dunlap

Dunlap residents enjoy cheap utilities, good schools, and loads of fresh country air.

The area is charming, filled with interesting spots like gift shops, antique stores, and diversions. You can go hang gliding over the valley, ride a horse at the Dude Ranch, attend Cowboy Church or canoe, or swim and fish in the Sequatchie River.

The famous Cookie Jar Cafe dishes up the best of Southern fare including a range of irresistible pies.

Wide open spaces and a sense of rural community are the biggest attractions in Dunlap, TN. You can still purchase a small farm in this area to enjoy out of town living close to all the city conveniences.

Why Choose Chattanooga Real Estate?

When you relocate to Chattanooga, you\’re in for a treat. This friendly city has risen from the ashes to become known as the Scenic City with attractions and activities for all ages to enjoy.

It is one of the USA\’s fastest-growing areas for technology and tourism, with a great outlook for employment and a good standard of living. Riverside attractions abound on the North Shore of the Tennessee River. The bright lights of downtown beckon across one of 4 bridges that cross the river.

An eclectic mix of places to eat, shop, and party the night away line the streets of the city center. Coffee culture is alive and well and celebrated at intimate cafes in pristine spots. Chattanooga still has a rich musical tradition and you\’ll find a live band playing somewhere in town every night of the week.

Wondering how you\’ll get around all the attractions? Take a horse-drawn tram on the weekends, hire a bicycle, or stick with the more mundane yet reliable public transport system.

Things to See and Do in Chattanooga

Don\’t miss a chance to see the Chattanooga Choo Choo Hotel, named after the famous Glen Miller song of the 70\’s.

Marvel at the lighting of the underground waterfall at Ruby Falls and gaze in awe at the beauty of Rock City Gardens. Explore the Raccoon Mountain Caverns, take a walk along one of the world\’s longest bridges at Walnut Street, or enjoy a spot of sightseeing on board the Southern Belle.

The Tennessee Aquarium is a hit for a family outing. You can blow your own glass at Ignis Glass Studio or sip on locally-brewed whiskeys at the Experimental Brewery in Main street.

Wondering how you\’ll get around all the attractions? Take a horse-drawn tram on the weekends, hire a bicycle or stick with the more mundane, yet reliable, public transport system.

Make the Move to Chattanooga

It may be a mid-size city, but Chattanooga has clung to its small-town vibe. You\’ll feel right at home wherever you choose to settle down here.

Keep tabs on our website for all the best Chattanooga real estate and updates on what\’s happening around town.