Not too long ago the “Greening of America” was just an idea. Now, it’s a government mandate. The latest requirements for new construction may just cause the cost of new homes for sale in the Chattanooga area and around the nation to rise.

In December, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announcednew stormwater management requirements for new construction. These new requirements have the National Home Builder’s Association (NAHB) up in arms. In a news release posted on the NAHB website, the Chairman said the new housing regulations are unrealistic.

It all comes down to stormwater. When it rains, water hits the ground and seeps into it. In most cases, that water is absorbed and filtered by the ground, and then replenishes the world’s water supply. Not so in developed areas, where pavement and roofing, among other man-made surfaces, prevent the water from being absorbed.

The remaining water becomes runoff, which, according to the EPA, damages the infrastructure of surrounding development, causes downstream flooding and bank erosion. In addition, the water carries pollutants, which are carried into streams and water supplies. The new regulations have a strict limit on pollutants in stormwater, as well as requiring that the stormwater has little to no soil or sediment in it.

While less pollution is a fantastic idea, NAHB says something is missing – such as understanding soil differences. Certain types of soil absorb water better, reducing the amount of run off, while other types of soil produce a naturally high amount of sediment. The cost for homebuilders to meet these regulations can be expensive – an expense that will be passed on to those looking for newly built homes for sale in Chattanooga.

The EPA has done some wonderful things for environmental protection, such as the Clean Air Act (CAA) and the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA), that already affect construction costs. However, for newly built homes for sale in Chattanooga, this new stormwater requirement may end up not only being impossible to keep but impossible to pay for.

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