Even if your Signal Mountain home is cramped for space and has a small yard, you can still get in on growing your own fresh foods for your family’s table. The key to growing in small areas is to concentrate on ‘must haves’ rather than everything under the sun. Family staples like tomatoes take lots of space, but one or two plants can easily provide enough for a family of four all summer long with plenty left over for canning.

How Much is Enough?

Two square feet of dirt is enough to grow a single tomato plant. Most people have more than two square feet of ground somewhere around their Ooltewah home.

Something that may be more difficult to find around your Signal Mountain home is ground with enough direct sunlight. Choose an area with plenty of exposure to the sun for the best growing areas. If you live in a condo, you can take advantage of sunlight exposure by using planter boxes orwindow sill containers.

The Key to Healthy Plants

Keeping the soil well fertilized will help make the best use of your smaller spaces. Use a good commercial fertilizer and blend it in well with your soil.

Give each plant at least the minimum space recommended and carefully plan each row to make maximum use of your small garden.

For a family of four, two tomato plants, a short row of lettuce, carrots, and two bell pepper plants can make a delicious victory garden and give you a fresh salad at every meal.

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