Recently there has been a lot of talk about future subdivisions on Signal Mountain.  Much of what has been said on social media is incorrect; therefore, I would like to explain how developments are approved.

In unincorporated Hamilton County, the developer must meet guidelines and regulations in place by Hamilton County on the day of application. If the land is able to hold the number of homes per acre while meeting those criteria and any other criteria in place on the date of application, then the application will more than likely be approved. These rules are no different on unincorporated Signal Mountain than any other area of Hamilton County.

The towns of Walden and Signal Mountain, do however have a few criteria specific to each of them that must be met for application to be approved for a single home or a future subdivision.

One of the items often questioned is the sewer moratorium in the town of Signal Mountain. The town of Signal Mountain does have a sewer moratorium; however many homes and even subdivisions have been approved as long as each application has a sewage handling system in place that meet sewage handling criteria and sewer is not available to the lot. That may include a development-wide septic tank sewage system such as the one used by Jack Kruesi in Wild Ridge that purifies the sewage before returning to the land allowing each home to sit on a smaller lot size. Or, it may be a traditional, individual home septic tank system as used at Boulder Point Subdivision  and many individual home sites that require larger lot sizes.

Another requirement frequently addressed is the two acre minimum required by the town of Walden.  Walden does have a two acre minimum; however, that does not extend to the unincorporated ares of Signal Mountain. And, there are exceptions to this requirement as well, such as when the land is platted.

It is all about following the rules, that is it. Much of this development will occur in unincorporated Hamilton County; however, there are a few pieces of land in the Town of Signal Mountain that can hold several future subdivisions. Below are a few tracts of land than may be developed over the next 10 years. My best guess is that the projects that are in the development stages could produce close to 600 homes in that 10 year time frame.  The only things that may change those numbers either up or down are the real estate market or the overall economy. I believe there are a few other larger projects, if an interested developer with deep enough pockets came along, that could produce even more homes.


As a devoted advocate of property rights, I support any land owner in their right to sell their land or to develop their land so long as all rules are followed. Should anyone oppose a law-abiding land owner, then they should seek to change the law and not attach the law-abiding person. By attending Hamilton County Commission meetings, getting involved in committees at RPA and petitioning for changes you may be able to change the rules for future applicants. Most people believe private property should be conserved. They believe that you have the right to sell or develop your private property as long as it fits the established guidelines. Should a conservation group have interest in conserving land, then they have the right to negotiate the purchase of said land should the owner be a willing seller.

Attacking law-abiding developers, builders or REALTORs involved in the arduous and noble work of bringing homes to a market with a housing shortage is truly self-important talk.  Further, attacking any working citizen for legally providing for their family’s needs is no different than someone attacking you for your work that legally provides for your family.

We will be at the Signal Mountain Community Forum in January at the MACC to answer any questions on future developments and the process.

We will be at the Signal Mountain Community Forum on January 2nd at the MACC to go over some of these future developments and to try to answer questions.

Hamilton County Subdivision Regulations

Town Of Signal Moutnain Subdivision Regulations

Walden Subdivision Regulations


Here are a few of the undeveloped tracts of land that could be potential future subdivisions on Signal Mountain.

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