Helpful Home Staging Tips

First impression count and no more so when you’re trying to sell your home.

Impress buyers and increase your chances of a quick sale with these top tips.

Clear the Clutter

The way to home organizing is to make a lovely clear canvas that Buyers can imagine themselves in. Clean up, de-personalize and remove anything that cheapens your home.

Bring down family photographs, discard piles of magazines and daily papers.Create space by removing large furniture. Also, buyers will look into your pantries as well! Remove the items and clean the cupboard then place the items back with labels forward, much the same as in the grocery stores.

Prepare Your home before taking pictures

Deep clean the windows, light shades and chandeliers, inside the cupboards, polish the sinks, scrub the hob and oven.

Decor and Finishing Touches

Replace dark curtains with lighter fabrics in the bedrooms and living room

Put coffee table books or magazines to side tables

Out matching dinner set on the table

Place fresh flowers and plants around the house

Put new bed sheets and cushions on the beds

Curb Appeal

The First things the buyers see is the front of the house, clear the path or driveway by power washing if necessary, trim the shrubs, mow the lawn and remove the weeds from the flowerbeds. Repaint exterior and replace old door mat.