We get calls all the time from people wanting to buy Chattanooga land either as an investment or to build their home on. We do work with a lot of Chattanooga land clients and can help you work through the steps in the process and through your due diligence work. So what is the firs step?The first step for most people is to narrow down the part of Chattanooga that they want to buy land in. Do you want to be in a certain school zone? Do you want a view of Downtown Chattanooga or of Lookout Mountain? Do you want to live on or near the water? These are all questions that we ask a client when they first call us about looking at land. On of the next questions that we are going to ask is what your budget it.

If you are thinking about building on your new land then here are a few questions that you will want to ask yourself. Do you want a basement? A detached garage? How large do you want your home to be? Do you want a pool? Are you going to run a business out of your home? We need to know the answers to as many of these questions as possible so that as we are looking at land we can help down the options.

If you know your budget and the area of Chattanooga that you want to live in as well as what your intentions or long term use for the land then we are able to do a better job helping you faster.

What is Due Diligence? Once you are under contract the real work begins. Now it is time to possibly hire a Chattanooga Soil Scientist, a surveyor and start interviewing Chattanooga area home builders. This can be daunting for most land buyers but we are here to help. Sometimes a land owner has had a recent survey done or may have even had a soil scientist to run tests for a septic system. If the land is in an area where sewer is available then of course you can skip this step.

Are you thinking about building on your new land? If so then you typically want to interview builders before you closing one your land so that they can take a look at the lot and see if there is anything that they may see that could be an issue that everyone else may have missed. They can tell you if the house that you want will fit or if your excavation costs will be more than you want to spend.

So now that you know all that you need to know about the land and you have your builder picked out it is time to close on your new Chattanooga land and start construction on your dream home.

The difference in our team and just any Chattanooga REALTOR is that we do a lot of new construction and because of that we work with a lot of Chattanooga land buyers. We stay with you through the entire process. From “boots on the ground” searching to helping with your house plans if needed to celebrating at competition. If you are thinking about buying land in the Chattanooga area call us first at 423-488-1882 or 423-996-2601 or you can contact us here.