1. Will I receive daily updates on Real Estate activity in my area, including price changes, new listings on the market, and houses that have come back on the market?

2. Will I be able to adjust my search criteria on my own through your website?

3. Are you a full-time realtor or part-time?

4. Are you a single agent or do you work with a team?

5. Do you specialize in working with buyers or sellers?

6. Besides the MLS what other sources do you use to find homes for sale?

7. How many homes have you sold this year?

8. How many homes have you sold over the last 5/10/15 years?

9. Do you have a dedicated Transaction Manager watching over my file during escrow?

10. What is your availability to show me homes?

11. Do you have experience working with short sales and foreclosures?

12. Do you have a list of vendors that can help me with repairs?

13. Will you keep in touch with me after the sale or will I have to search for another Realtor when it comes time to sell my home?