Signal Mountain real estate agents get a chance to see more of the city and surrounding areas than most of the people who live here. It’s a beautiful place to live, and I’m glad to be a part of it. As Thanksgiving nears, and the leaves change color and fall, I get to see a whole other side of this place – which has given me the inspiration for another blog:

Spruce Up Your Home for Fall!

Most, and probably all, Signal Mountain real estate agents will tell you that good curb appeal can make a sale. What they may not realize is that using the seasons can help just as much. Truth be told, it didn’t click with me until I realized Thanksgiving is just around the corner and started thinking about the past.

This time of year always brings a nostalgic touch to the air for me, and many potential homebuyers feel the same way. The holidays have people thinking about hearth and home, family and friends. How can you use the season to sell your house?

Raking – Although many homeowners rake their yard, if your home is up for sale and sitting empty, you may not think about it. Yes, a colorful blanket of leaves on the ground can be beautiful, but to homebuyers it may come across as a lack of care on your part. If you don’t care about the home, why should they? If the home is empty, make sure to drop by and see if the leaves are piling up.

Redecorating – Most homeowners won’t take the time to decorate a home they’re selling, unless they’re still living in it. However, a littlefall décor here and there can help bring out that nostalgic feeling in homebuyers. The key is to decorate just enough, and not so much that the homebuyers can’t see their own tastes.

Lastly, talk to us Signal Mountain real estate agents to get other ideas of what you can do to get your home sold. We’ve sold a house or two and love sharing our knowledge. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

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