We have run into these shipping container pools on other Blogs and websites over time but we have never seen them in person. In our line of work we are asked about pools all the time. We do have clients that ask to view homes that specifically have pools but most of the time people are indifferent. If one of our Buyers finds their dream home and it does have a pool we always recommend a pool inspection and more times than not we do find issues. Sometimes those issues with the pool are minor and can be repaired before closing and sometimes you find that the pool needs to be caved in or rebuilt all together. These are a great solution to that problem. These shipping container pools are self contained and are delivered ready to use. We have talked to some people that say they are an eye sore but I think with the right house and the right placement that they could be a great solution. I know I would not mind having one to give a try for the Summer.  What are your thoughts? Would you want one or are you more of a traditional in-ground pool person?\"Shipping