There is a bridge on Signal Mountain in the Shoal Creek Falls Subdivision that has been a problem for years for people that live on this street. The great news for these residence is the the bids are due back soon on the new road. A Town of Signal Mountain representative told me yesterday and I was assured that the project should start towards the first of September. The project should be done by Spring of 2019.

This is a fairly large undertaking for the Town of Signal Mountain because first they have to cut in a temporary road for neighbors to gain access to their homes before they can start of the bridge. Shoal Creek Falls neighborhood is located in the heart of Signal Mountain just off of Taft Highway near the town hall and pool. There are roughly only 25 homes on this one street neighborhood. It is a small subdivision and  it has always been a very popular street to live on because of that. You always see people leaving the neighborhood and walking to the ball fields or the town pool because they are so close. The surrounding area is very flat also so it is a great area for runners and cyclists.

This project will only make the neighborhood better. This project will correct a problem with getting the school busses to the homes to pic up school age children for school. I was told that a repaving of the entire road would happen in next years budget. There are a few other projects that need to happen on Signal Mountain and we hope they will happen soon. For more information on Shoal Creek falls or any other neighborhood on Signal Mountain you can Contact Me Here. As more information becomes available we will update this page.

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Video Tour of Shoal Creek Falls Subdivision