Things to Avoid When You’re Buying a Home

Here are the things you should not do to avoid having delays especially now that you have the home you had always wanted under contract.

Do not buy furniture for the home before you own it!

Again, make sure that everything is in order and you already have the keys to your new home before you furnish the home.

Do not close any Credit Accounts!

When you are offered to transfer balances to other cards to get a lower interest rate don’t do it, we know it will help clean up your finances wait until you have the home of your dreams.

Do not apply for a Credit Card

Wait until you have the keys to your new Home. Getting a new Credit Card can be bad on your credit rating.

Try not to Move Money without Paper Trail!

Your Lender is going to need documentation for every one of your exchanges to ensure you truly have enough cash.

Do not Spend Your Savings!

You are going to need money for initial payment and on the off chance that you wind up paying closing costs.