Get the house ready.

Identify the areas in your home that needs to get repaired
and fix them before listing.

Upgrading is a good investment when it’s done correctly and
sometimes, improvements are needed to get a good offer.

Get your Property Listed.

Look for a great realtor that can help you get your house sell in faster at the right price.

Price it fairly. Price is the most important factor in real estate. Price is right the first time to get the highest offer.

Make the house presentable. Keep it clean and ready for

showing. The house should be well-lit, leave some light on and open the


Get it sold!

Execute an agreement. Don’t simply sign the contract. Work with your REALTOR to execute a solid contract.

Check in week by week to ensure your REALTOR is observing the transaction to avoid delays.

Keep the house presentable for the new owners and schedule closing.