Incentive to Buy in the Off Season

While Chattanooga real estate trends push spring and summer as hot times to move, there are advantages to moving in the winter. For couples and families tired of wading through tough competition and high prices during the peak home buying season, the winter months offer a reprieve from pushback and disappointment.

For starters, it’s easier to buy when the competition among buyers isn’t as strong. Secondly, home prices are often lower in the off-season. When there are fewer buyers in the market (families with kids often wait until summer, it’s easier to move when there’s better weather, etc.), supply can quickly exceed demand and then you see the prices drop, according to The Spruce.

With these incentives, buying a home during the winter is appealing, but it comes with certain complications, too. If you’re ready to take advantage of off-season real estate deals, here are a few tips to help you make a winter move without any excess hassle.

Make Sure Your New Home Is Move-Ready

If you’re moving in the heart of winter, our number one tip for surviving your cold-weather move is to make sure your new home is move-in ready. Two or three days before you move in, visit your new home and make sure all of your utilities are operational – there’s nothing worse than moving into a home without heat or electricity during the winter months!

Don’t Let Unruly Weather Catch You Off-Guard

Another tip: prepare for the potential winter storm. Depending on where you live, you have to factor snow, ice, and chilling temperatures into your moving plan. If you’ve hired movers, make sure you check in with your movers at least a week prior to move-in day, and then again a day before to make sure everything is on track to take place just as you had planned.

Since weather can be fickle, be sure to check the weather forecast in the days leading up to your move, notes house site IMove. If necessary, coordinate a delayed move to avoid any damage to your belongings or others!

Keep Provisions and Supplies at the Ready

In order to help your winter move go off without a hitch, prepare ahead of time and make sure you have all the right supplies at the ready. For the actual moving process, make sure you have sheets, blankets, and pads ready to cover valuable furniture and other family heirlooms. That way, when the rain starts to pour, all of your items will have protection from the elements.

Secondly, have nourishment and warm food and drink at the ready for you and the movers in your new home. Keep things simple: put your crockpot and hot water heater to good use to have items like tea, hot cocoa, and soup ready to reward chilly fingers and a job well done.
Preparing for your cold weather move before and during the transition will help moving in the winter go smoothly. And if you need any other tips, be sure to check out our disaster prep resources! You can also contact us here.


Written By Carson Buck